Night Hotel Theater District

Amid the technicolor lighting of Times Square and the bustle of Midtown lies a hushed convergence of black and white. The vibe is quieter, warmer and more intimate than you’d expect, given the surroundings. Yet it’s edgy enough to hold the promise of the unexpected, which is just how we like it. This is Night Theater District. Of course, looking past the sexy color scheme uncovers a full spectrum of amenities. A chic lobby lounge, where locals and guests huddle over sushi and artisan cocktails. Surprisingly spacious guest rooms and suites decked out with tech-savvy amenities and blackout-cloaked windows that extend the night to your liking. And best of all, friendly but discreet staff members who know how to offer personalized service. It all adds up to the perfect urban haunt, a calming retreat where everything is distilled down to tasteful black and white in the heart of what some might call a sensory overload.