EVEN Hotels New York - Midtown East

Travel almost always derails the hard work and commitment we have to wellness at home. Without our usual gym, healthy home-cooked meals and quiet time, it’s hard to stay on track. Our goal is to let you visit a new city without undoing all the hard work of your healthy lifestyle. Wellwellwell visited the new hotel, conveniently located by major NYC landmarks like Penn Station, Madison Square Garden and Time Square, to get a good look at their commitment to enabling healthy travel. Adam Glickman, Head of EVEN Hotels, also gave us the scoop on what makes this hotel so different from your average booking. “This brand is about supporting the customer who wants to go to a hotel, but feel like they are someplace different. They want to stay at a place that can keep up with their routine,” explains Adam. “We are delivering an experience that helps visitors relax and have wellness options—all with the support of a friendly staff.”