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The High Line Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Chelsea’s buzzing gallery district, The High Line Hotel is a completely unique and inspiring respite from the harried pace of downtown Manhattan. Just off 10th Avenue, the gated Parisian style courtyard complete with lush gardens demarcated by gas lamps, beckons passers-by to step into a different era. The centuries-old collegiate gothic-style brick buildings lend an air of gravitas without overwhelming the property. Step inside, however, and timeless design shares center-stage with timely design. The High Line Hotel, much like its groundbreaking, elevated namesake 50 yards to the west, is not a simple homage to the past but rather builds on this epic, distinctly American history, guiding it directly into the heart of the contemporary city.

The Hotel’s large guest rooms and lobby draw inspiration from the estate’s original roots as a quiet apple orchard turned cloistered seminary. Gothic moldings and accent details, including fireplaces, have been maintained though history does not hamper the hotel’s modern aspirations. Each room has been furnished with hand-selected, one-of-a-kind pieces sourced from antique fairs, vintage markets and found object providers from New York State and around the US. The common space, including a custom-built Intelligentsia coffee bar and courtyard, continues the narrative with carefully-curated finds and an effortlessly eclectic mix of furnishings. As one of the first hotels to institute counter-less, paperless, tablet check-ins, the hotel will have a technological spine beneath the surface.


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